Wavy Earth: Light, Sound, and the Nature of Reality.

We are all connected through and from waves.

We have all been told that the Earth is round. There has been a recent movement to claim that the Earth is actually Flat. Simply put, They are both wrong. Everything the entire world is made up of are just various waves. Waves are energy. You are constantly being bombarded with waves from the universe and you are constantly giving off waves to the universe.

What if your thoughts could change the universe that surrounds you?

The Truth Seekers at Wavyearth.com intend to find this out. We are looking to start a social experiment focused on Love, Positivity, Compassion, and Gratitude. We don’t condemn and we don’t convert, this is not a religion. The world won’t change overnight. However, if we are focused on Love, Positivity, Compassion and Gratitude. We have no reason to believe that we can’t reshape the world as we know it. One Wave at a time!

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